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 bring your car into your home.


I'm a family man, born of the '70s, raised in Essex and now residing in Suffolk.  Throughout my entire life I've had two real passions, the first anything to do with wheels, engines and tyres and secondly the love of drawing.

As a child I spent hours lost sketching American trucks, this turned into more comic like art as a teenager and although I still dabbled in doodling, when the world of adulthood arrived I lost touch a little with my art time. Instead I turned my attention to my 'wheels', these forever changing size and shape on the driveway with many hours spent polishing to a high gleam!

When it came to art I'd always been told 'you've got a knack for that', or 'you should take that up as a profession', and did venture into a bit of work commercially but always felt confined by the objective required, never really being able to complete in ' my style'.

I came to a time in my life (probably known as a mid life crisis) where I wanted a change and decided to finally combine my two favourite things. Et voila 'Fly' was born!

I have a list of hundreds, no actually thousands of vehicles I'd like to create art of so let's do this – bring 'em on.



T. +447360 496662

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