I've been asked to complete commissions for many types of vehicles. If you'd like me to showcase YOUR car in my style then a commission is for you. Commissions make fantastic display pieces or superb gifts and are always great talking points. I have one in a local main dealership and the team working there advise almost all customers comment on it.

Some people don't understand but as you're here I think you will! Our cars mean an enormous amount to us, they provide much pleasure as well as pain (the pain when it gets scratched or when the spanner bites back whilst working on her)! You can now have her always on display even when she's undercover or hidden in the garage.

All commissions are personal and as such I welcome ideas from you. Together we can come up with the placement and background you're after. So if it's a single car, many cars in one picture or different depiction details from one car the choice really is yours.

If you are interested or have any other questions please contact me.