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Badges and decals - my way 😉

Some badges and decals are iconic. If you think back to a car you once had I bet the logo it wore comes instantly to your mind. Here I've played with a few badges, sometimes you can find a similar font that will give you a close replica but 9 times out of 10 there are bits that just aren't right and therefore it throws the whole thing out. I've been asked many times to create decals but depending on the wording you require on which badge depends on whether it's going to look right!

For instance if you wanted your name on a Ghia badge and your name is 8 letters long it

simply isn't going to resemble the original Ghia badge but if your name is just a few letters long then it could work - again dependent on the letters in your name! I'm happy to commission if anyone is interested. Like I say all is reliant on name and style of logo / badge but if you want to send me details I'll happily look into it! If it works then even if I do say so myself it does look cool.

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